IT Programme Initiation

We are comfortable working with many unknowns.
People hire RedElephant for this skill.

RedElephant uses a consensus building approach to help clients move an idea from its strategic infancy into an actionable project or programme of work.

We empower your current in-house team with the skills they need to lead value-focused projects. In some cases, we have been asked to help with the design and recruiting of a team.

RedElephant works closely with senior management so that they better understand the important role they play in Agile product development. The approach we use provides senior managers with the information they need to make informed decisions. It allows senior managers to truly be in the driver’s seat of strategic initiatives that are dependent upon IT.

We advocate rigorous principle-governed software engineering. We also recognise the importance of the human element in this type of work. The integration of these two dynamics, give us the ability to tap into the full potential of a team. This is what makes us different from other consultancy practices.

We work with clients for as long as they would like: this can be helping get an initiative off the ground, it could be seeing a project through to a major milestone or helping transition a project from delivery into support.