Our Approach

Listen to you. Give honest responses. Walk the talk. Lead by example. Work with you on complex ideas. Facilitate amazing collaboration. 

RedElephant helps organisations achieve strategic aspirations. We help clients move ideas from infancy to action. We are extremely comfortable working with ambiguity and many unknowns. We facilitate change through an open collaborative consensus-building approach. People hire us for these skills.

Our clients contact us at any point of a project or programme of work. At times we have been asked to help get struggling projects on track.

We work with clients’ in-house teams, helping them develop rigorous software engineering practices, while at the same time recognising the importance of the human element and team dynamic.

We facilitate open, constructive value-focused dialogue between IT teams and the core business. We help IT teams to listen to the business needs and the business to communicate those needs explicitly. This leads to the faster delivery of IT systems that matter to the business.

We work closely with senior managers and C-level executives. We provide executive decision makers with the information and transparency they need to make informed decisions. This allows them to truly be in the driver’s seat of a strategic initiative.

Our clients are in private equity, insurance and technology.